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Rozmin Mukhi

Rozmin Mukhi
Psychotherapist & Counsellor

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Introducing Rozmin Mukhi - Psychotherapist and Counsellor   



My name is Rozmin and I trained at Regent’s College in London, achieving a Master’s Degree & Post-Graduate Advanced Diploma in Integrative Psychotherapy.  I am registered with UKCP and I am a Senior Accredited Member of BACP.  These are the two main principal regulatory bodies for Psychotherapists and Counsellors

I am a qualified and experienced counsellor, psychotherapist and clinical supervisor, with over 13 years of experience working in the NHS, voluntary and private sector.

 I appreciate making a decision to have any kind of therapy is often anxiety provoking which can make the process of choosing a counsellor / therapist very challenging.

 I would always suggest that you have an initial assessment with a couple of counsellors / therapist to help you decide which kind of therapy or person you may feel most comfortable with. I offer a free mini telephone consultation to answer any questions you may have.   

Any kind of therapy is meant to be about you, the client, without any bias; to help you, the client, get insight into what your problems may be. Talking to friends and family is often very helpful, yet somehow, they always have opinions and they may make judgements; often because they care for you. Talking to a counsellor / therapist is very different. They are always completely there to help you understand your situation and circumstances by exploring what you may be feeling. This can often help you to make changes move forward. I have learnt from experience the resilience in people and the ability and capacity people have to make changes and face the future with hope. I can offer you to get in touch with those and therefore your strengths; for a better future.

I provide a space that is comfortable in which you can gain trust; enough for you to be able to talk about what may be troubling you. It is a space where you will be able to explore who you are and who you want to become.

Therapy sessions can be used for your to talk about any aspect of your life that may be creating concerns and for which you would like support. It could be related to work, family, friends, relationship or school / college / university. However, I am a great believer that all aspects of your life are interlinked. So no matter what you explore in any therapy session, it will benefit all areas of your life.

 The way I work:

My counselling / psychotherapeutic practice model is an amalgamation of the humanistic approach; looking at the mind, body and spirit; whilst always having client choice uppermost, to support existential change, by exploring emerging phenomena within the therapeutic interrelationship.

My therapeutic model therefore is integrative with Humanistic that incorporated ideas from several approaches that encompass a Person Centred, Experiential, Gestalt & Existential Phenomenology. I integrate the body and the emotions to help empower individuals with better understanding of their reactions and feelings.

I speak several languages, practising inter-cultural counselling with individuals on a one-to-one, couples and groups over a short or long term basis; as well as clinical supervision.

I provide:

One to one Counselling:

One to one counselling helps individuals to come to terms with particular issue that may be preventing a person from enjoying life to the full.

One to one Psychotherapy:

One to one psychotherapy helps individuals to come to terms with issues that may relate to other issues and or events that may prevent a person from making sound judgement and therefore make incorrect choices.

Couple Therapy:

Couple therapy is to help two individuals come to terms with their difference by engaging with differences and seeing them as possible extensions of their personal individuation whilst at the same time achieving independence within their inter-relationship and achieving acceptance of that status.

Intercultural Psychotherapy:

Intercultural therapy helps individuals to deal with issues relating to their religion, tradition and or culture. It may also be possible to conduct therapy in another language.

Integrative Psychotherapy:

Integrative psychotherapy helps to look at personal situation within a range of different approaches enabling choice and changes to occur.

I have supported many clients overcome a wide range of difficult complexities to help them face the future with hope; often encountering great propensity to want to heal and overcome adversity.

My special interest and experience is working with:

Abusive relationships
Anorexia Nervosa and Bulimia
Attachment and dependency issues
Childhood sexual trauma
Difficulty with inter-personal relationships
Dissociative disorder 
Extreme anxiety, with or without panic attacks
Feelings of unhappiness and long term chronic depression
Non-Epileptic Seizures        
Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
Work related bullying and harassment

My aim in therapy therefore is to help individuals have the capacity to manage their past and make meaningful choices giving them fulfilment in the future.

You have already taken the first step to look for a therapist / counsellor. Take the next, easier step and ring me!! 



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Rozmin Mukhi Rozmin Mukhi
Psychotherapist & Counsellor