Podiatry, also known as chiropody by some, is the care of feet and their influence on the musculo-skeletal system.

Often slightly abnormal foot biomechanics can cause significant pain and symptoms further up the chain, typically affecting the knees, hip and lower back. By assessing foot posture and movement, subtle changes can be made via custom made orthotics. It is often worth having your biomechanics assessed before buying a new pair of trainers; especially if you are symptomatic.

Foot health includes the management of corns, callous, verrucas, nail conditions and general maintenance i.e. nail clipping. It is essential that anyone with diabetes has regular footcare.

Please note: As from the 1st September 2017, there is a slight increase in Podiatry Prices

45 mins


Podiatry - Nail Cutting
15 mins


Full Podiatry - Corns & Calluses, Verrucas

30 mins